FXCC Review (2023)

1:30 | 1:500
Min Deposit


FX Central Clearing Ltd - CySEC No.121/10
Central Clearing Ltd  - VFSC No.14576

What is FXCC?

FXCC or FX Central Clearing is a Cyprus established brokerage firm that assists forex exchange market professionals to trade currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices and metals through advanced technology. The company based on the ECN/ STP trading solution while all orders are routed and matched in the electronic configured network through the liquidity pools of institutional providers and market quotes.

What is great, FXCC used technology provides efficient and transparent pricing with most possible low spreads. In addition, there is a range of ECN trading accounts that are designed to suit own needs and requirements.

FXCC Pros and Cons

FXCC Forex broker has been recognized by numerous traders around the world as well by the significant number of awards they receive (Forex Brokers List). FXCC broker delivers dedicated support by the professional team and good trading environment based on quality technology. FXCC instrument range is good and spreads are within average.

On the flip side, education tools are rather limited and platform is limited to MT4 only which is slightly outdated.



Is FXCC safe or a scam

FXCC is not a scam but a regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) company considered low risks trading broker. Due to the fact that the company authorized by an EU Member State, the broker also automatically operates under EU Markets in Financial Instrument Directive (MiFID) along with cross-border registrations in its states, which allows the provision of services within the EEA.

FXCC safe

Also, additional entity FXCC serves is located in Vanuatu. Being an offshore zone Vanuatu does not define strict obligations to its financial registered firms, which may be a risky investment in case firm is only based there. However, since FXCC additionally authorized by the European regulator it is considered to be safe trading with them.

Investor Compensation Fund

The protection of the clients’ investments provided in multiple ways according to the regulatory requirements and setter rules, which apart from the segregation of the clients’ funds at all times, management and control of each type risk complies to a number of rules. Also, FXCC is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, which secures the claims of covered clients against a company in case of its insolvency.



As the majority of Forex brokers, FXCC also offers to use leverage, a powerful tool to increase the potential of gains through its possibility to multiple initial accounts balance. However, leverage should be used smartly as it increases the power of looses as well.

Leverage levels depending on the instrument you trade and defined by the regulatory restrictions together with your personal level of proficiency. Thus, European retail clients and those who trade with Cyprus FXCC entity eligible to use the leverage of 1:30 for major currencies, 1:20 for minor ones and 1:10 for commodities due to ESMA restrictions.

Yet, trading with global FXCC branch you may access to higher leverage ratios that go to a maximum of 1:300.


Account types

At FXCC account offerings there are three ECN accounts divided by the level of trading size, experience and particular demands. Some of the accounts featuring extra benefits of zero swaps, commissions or mark-ups, or maybe fully tailored solutions for active traders or those who operate bigger size.

So trading with FXCC ECN account you will automatically access multiple currencies EUR, USD, GBP featured with tight spreads from 0.01 pips and availability to trade 30 currencies with a range of free tools alike VPS, SMS Notifications, EAs, Technical Analysis and Trading Tools.

FXCC account



Trading with FXCC ECN account you will automatically access multiple currencies EUR, USD, GBP featured with tight spreads from 0.01 pips and availability to trade trade 30 currencies with a range of free tools alike VPS, SMS Notifications, EAs, Technical Analysis and Trading Tools. See FXCC Spread comparison below.


FeesFXCC FeesLCG FeesGKFX Fees
Deposit FeeNoNoNo
Withdrawal FeeNoNoNo
Inactivity FeeYesYesYes
Fee rankingLowAverageAverage

FXCC sprads


FXCC does not charge a commission per trade while all costs are presented by the spread from 0.1 pips. You may refer to the current comparison of spread for the most traded instruments, as well compare FXCC spread to another popular broker BlackBull Markets.

AssetFXCC SpreadLCG SpreadGKFX Spread
EUR USD Spread0.8 pips1.45 pips1.2 pips
Crude Oil WTI Spread3.2 pips3 pips3 pips
Gold Spread333

FXCC rollover

Also, always consider FXCC rollover or overnight fee as a cost, which is charged on the positions held longer than a day defined by each instrument separately. However, trading with ECN XL Account broker promises no swap charges, making you an easy calculation and great benefit too.


Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal options include multiple offerings from various providers that are covering the needs of almost every client and are truly globally covered. The methods including Card payments, Bank Wire Transfers, Neteller, Skrill, Neosurf, SOfort, Rapid, paysafecard, Neosurf, Yandex, Boleta, UnionPay and much more.

FXCC minimum deposit

The minimum deposits starting from 100$, and according to the method may also vary from 50 to 100$.

FXCC minimum deposit vs other brokers

 FXCCMost Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit$100$500

FXCC withdrawal

In addition to the selection of major withdrawal options the broker covers processing fees for both deposits or withdrawals, yet, check with particular payment provider in case of any other additional fees relevance or its possibility.

FXCC withdrawal


Trading Platforms

FXCC Forex trading platforms, as most from the ECN brokers based on a highly regarded MetaTrader4. The platform available for all operating systems and fully compatible with EAs, hedging and equipped with advanced technical indicators, analytical objects and charting tools.

Furthermore, the platform software developed to suit downloadable version to be installed on a PC, a mobile application to follow trades on the go, Multi-Terminal for simultaneous management of multiple accounts and is a MAM Broker.

Moreover, an extensive range of tools offering various instruments that are helping on a daily trading process, including interest rates presenting a comprehensive list of the key base rates relating to all global central banks. By the full range of capabilities and levels of complexity together with the sophistication of trading, you will definitely find and suit necessary trading style through utilizing the full range of features and available benefits delivered by FXCC.

fxcc platforms

Moreover, FXCC offers the ability to trade with free VPS (Virtual private Server) which brings stability under any conditions, speed and performance. Own dedicated server can be accessed with multiple platforms and accounts, which runs automated programs or applications and ensures smooth trading continuously.

Overall, every FXCC client can apply for free trading tools through the Traders Hub environment that also offers a variety of complementary features to choose from and is a great advantage for all.


Traders of any level and expertise can learn even more deep through the provided range of educational resources and analysis in two distinct forms of technical and fundamental analysis. The daily technical analysis available directly on the website with updated information and successful retest of the next sufficient momentum.

fxcc education



For final though we see FXCC as a company that gives an opportunity to engage into trading with the STP/ ECN model and quotes provided directly by the liquidity providers. The broker designed various accounts with comprehensive features and different minimum deposit requirements that allows traders of different level start trading in FXCC conveniently. And one of the most important, the FXCC regulated environment of operation ensures safety and sufficient level of trading environment, along with provided customer support.


Uriah Smitham Says:
At: 1 year ago

u know, i’m not that passionate abt writing reviews, but this one is worth it! i managed to deposit via NORMAL BANK WIRE, no damn crypto deposits and withdrawls that other brokers suggest for CAD traders. fees are good. no, they’r GOOD. nice spreads, no hidden commissions. executions are fast enough to ensure u can trade freely and backtest w/out allowing. wanna share the find with fellow traders. that’s a decent choice for sure. no sweat.

Hardy Carroll Says:
At: 1 year ago

What’s the leverage for Canadian users?

Allan Moore Says:
At: 1 year ago

used to be 1:300, but it’s recently increased. personally i use no more than 1:100, so din’t pay much attention to it. i guess its around 1:500 now. that’s forex. commodities might have less than that. have a look at official website if interested in precise #s.

Marcel Benoit Says:
At: 1 year ago

Where can I find the info on SWAPs with FXCC?

Raoul Rossetti Says:
At: 1 year ago

I recommend going to the broker’s official website. Further, you can find all the information you are interested in the section “Education & Research.”

Andrew J Orourke Says:
At: 1 year ago

I recentlt became interested in Forex trading. I believe this is a rapidly growing area and will become very popular in the future.
I have tried some brokers, but most of all I liked FXCC. There are no extra commissions or hidden charges here. Also, the broker has the lowest spreads.
I have traded all the time on my computer, but now it is being repaired. Tell me, do you have a mobile version of the application? I’ve got iPhone 10 XR. Will I be able to trade on it?

Darsirah Megantara Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, the terminal in this company is perfectly adapted for mobile devices. And, of course, it has a version for IOS. So feel free to download the mobile app to your device and trade in FXCC.
The main thing is to have access to the terminal at any time. Because sometimes the market changes very rapidly and you need to assess the situation in time.

Radim Bárta Says:
At: 1 year ago

Which operating system is best for using MT4?

Libor Kala Says:
At: 1 year ago

You can run the FXCC MetaTrader 4 on a Windows operating system. Such as Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10.
If you use Apple technology, I advise you to pay attention to some differences. Indicators often require the full Windows environment to run properly.
So, I strongly recommend using Parallels Desktop for Mac, allowing you to run an entire functioning Windows OS inside your Mac computer. As such, the Quantum Trading indicators cannot run on FXCC MT4 with Windows compatibility layers such as Wine or PlayOnMac.

Dietmar Vogel Says:
At: 1 year ago

I started working with this broker because it is regulated by CySEC. This is very important, it means that the broker is reliable. In general, this is an ordinary broker with good trading conditions. It’s just a pity that there is no Metatrader 5 (((I would like to trade on this platform .. but … there is Metatrader 4 here and I am satisfied with all the possibilities that this trading platform gives. Ohh … I almost forgot … and Multi Account Manager for MT4, which allows you to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

Lonzo Buckert Says:
At: 1 year ago

I personally don’t see great advantages in Metatrader 5. I think that in most cases Metatrader 4 would suffice. What’s more, most custom indicators are created specially for MT4.

Camron Parisian Says:
At: 1 year ago

The ECN XL account conditions sound very appealing. What’s the catch?

Runolf Says:
At: 1 year ago

I think there is no catch here. There are just a lot of brokers and everyone wants to offer the best trading conditions for their traders. For me personally, FXCC is now № 1.

Marcus Rohan Says:
At: 1 year ago

I get all the services I need from FXCC: fast opening and closing of trades, great trading conditions, leverage, spreads, platforms. The support team might take a bit of time to respond, but that’s not required so often. Payment methods are more than enough to get quick withdrawals.

Erik Hutapea Says:
At: 1 year ago

Given how fast FXCC executes orders, no doubt that’s a True ECN broker. Spreads are low even for exotic pairs and CFDs for metals.

Daud Alzhara Says:
At: 1 year ago

Please. explain, if a broker uses the ECN / STP model to enter the market, does this guarantee fast order execution?

Esman Akısik Says:
At: 1 year ago

That’s exactly the condition for fast executions. The ECN/STP model suggests no bridges nor dealing-desk interventions. Both factors create delays in order executions, while FXCC provides a direct access to the liquidity for its traders.

Ieremia Marcu Says:
At: 1 year ago

I want to keep trading with this brokerage company. For two months of trading with this company I discovered no suspicious things. The broker executes its duties well and doesn’t try to cheat me. That’s the main thing for me. So, I know that it’s not a scam that gives me an opportunity not to worry but focus on my trading.
In my trading I have to work with many indicators and respectively I don’t need to be distracted by anything else. When I’m confident in my broker, nothing can distract me.

Iacob Bejan Says:
At: 1 year ago

I think that the main thing in Forex is to find a broker that you will trust. If the broker is honest and gives opportunities, then you can cooperate. I totally agree with you!

Domenico Bashirian Says:
At: 1 year ago

This broker is really on our side. This is very encouraging. FXCC provides scalping capability. I often saw scalping on YouTube and decided that I want to trade that way. but my broker blocked my account as soon as my scapling got profitable. To put it polite, this made me very sad. But I was delighted to learn that the FXCC broker allows scalping and hedging with no restrictions.

Lien Khoa Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, you can really scalp here. What assets do you like to trade?

Ahgung Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’m glad to know that. I prefer to trade currency pairs. I do it best.

Jani Ernamo Says:
At: 1 year ago

I feel a big interest in the company. I’m attracted by the possibility to trade with tight spreads. I’m going to open a trading account with fxcc soon. Could you give me a prompt what’re the most liquid assets here?

Rihards Silmanis Says:
At: 1 year ago

The most liquid assets are metals, crude, and Bitcoin.

Loan Handayani Says:
At: 1 year ago

The most liquid assets are major currency pairs, metals, and energies. By the way, with our company you can trade metals and energies with 1:500 leverage that makes them even more profitable.

Umar Sawhney Says:
At: 1 year ago

I am absolutely happy with the choice of the broker. I have been trading with them on the Forex market for almost 5 years, but I have not yet met a better broker than this one.

Himath Says:
At: 1 year ago

FXCC is a big scammer site that says situated, approved & Licensed in VFSC (Vanuatu Financial commission). But VFSC nicely confirmed that company FXCC Is not Licensed with them shown as below. (Please be advised that Central Clearing Ltd does not hold an active license under the Financial Dealers (Licensing) Act [CAP. 70] to carry out trading activities. Thus they are not regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.) So it means VFSC will never guarantee you to make deals with FXCC. If you have already deposited on this scammers site please withdraw Asap. Thank you!

Ian Herrero Says:
At: 1 year ago

Has anyone tried FXCC MetaTrader 4 Multi Terminal? I want to know about the features of the terminal and your work experience with it.

Felix Forsberg Says:
At: 1 year ago

You won’t need to use the multiterminal unless you manage multiple accounts, which is a task for experienced traders. There are some videos on youtube that explain the specific features.

Max Urshich Says:
At: 1 year ago

It’s hard for me now to understand the fact that I trade Forex. Seriously. I didn’t understand anything before, and now I’m not a professional either. I am trading with FXCC broker and am not making a lot of money yet. I know it takes time, but I have a fear that I will lose my deposit if I make a mistake. Therefore, I advise everyone to constantly learn and analyze the market well. Technical analysis is a good tool. This must be applied constantly. There are analysis indicators for this. They are available in the MT4 trading platform. To be honest, at first I did not understand these indicators at all. I even thought to stop trading. Despite this, I still trade here and believe in success!

Colton Miller Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, indeed, technical analysis is very important in trading, it is often the only means to measure the “”irrational”” (emotional) component needed to adequately assess market conditions. Random-event theory says that today’s market prices have no effect on the market prices of the following days. But this approach does not take into account an important component of the market: people. People remember previous days’ prices and act accordingly. Thereby people’s actions affect the price, but the opposite is also true: the price itself affects these actions. So the price itself is an important component of market analysis.
I agree that FXCC broker provides a lot of indicators for successful technical analysis.

Binod Toor Says:
At: 1 year ago

If you ask yourself the question, what is a Forex broker, then for myself I will show 2 main criteria – it is a broker that pays money and does not interfere in trading. I would say that the main advantage of FXCC is a wide range of financial instruments for trading, small spreads and fast execution of orders. Withdrawal of money is fast enough. From the proposed options suits the transfer to the card. Money are transferred to the bank card in 2-4 days. There is no withdrawal fee.
For me, the most important criterion for trust is the reliability of the forex company. And the FXCC sticks to its promises. Everything is transparent and trading is quick and easy. If your Internet is working properly, there will be no technical problems.

Devendra Sing Says:
At: 1 year ago

Hi all. I too, like you, have been working with FXCC broker for about a year. The conditions of the company for me are more suitable than those of other brokers. I asked for explanations at first, they answered quickly and to the point. I hope to continue working with this broker.

Jozhe Bizjak Says:
At: 1 year ago

Why among all the accounts FXCC broker left only one ECN XL account to trade?

Pradipt Says:
At: 1 year ago

I think that it’s very suitable when you don’t need to choose and instead you can stick with one universal trading account with very favorable trading conditions.

Virat Loke Says:
At: 1 year ago

I switched to the FXCC brokerage after advice from a friend of mine. Actually, I was looking for a similar offer in terms of wider possibilities to apply a more aggressive trading method. The broker’s leverage, margin requirements, tight spreads and zero trading commissions make such a trading strategy profitable. The trading platform allows installing trading bots, while scalping and hedging are welcome as well. I’m glad to make my second withdrawal here, everything works smoothly.

Jeffrey Williams Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes you are right, FXCC has really good trading conditions. As for the withdrawal of money, I like that there are no problems and delays with this.

Matt Kautzer Says:
At: 1 year ago

I have been trading with fxcc broker for four years now. And only the second year I have good success, in principle, I can already live only with forex trading and do not deny myself anything.
Who really earns on forex, the feedback about forex is only positive, and those who lose money, due to lack of experience and the necessary knowledge for trading, of course, will have negative feedback, because they thus seek the blame for their failures. A trader should always accept his achieved result, no matter what it is.

Dekker77 Says:
At: 1 year ago

At first I was disappointed in Forex because I lacked knowledge, and what’s more I tended to trade on my gut feeling. Later I learned that it didn’t work because the market is a more cunning thing than I expected. Once I started to learn trading and analyze and correct my mistakes, my trading considerably improved and now it gives me about a half of my income. Of course, I strive to become absolutely financially independent at the cost of trading. I hope I will reach this goal in a couple of years.

Akshay Gola Says:
At: 1 year ago

What benefits can I get as an FXCC partner?

Sagafar Says:
At: 1 year ago

Each FXCC partner can have bonus money if he invites new traders to the company.

Benjamin Morin Says:
At: 1 year ago

I thought that I have many chances to start making money online. To do this, I had to learn how to trade in the Forex market because this is the most profitable way.
After a long time of searching and comparing, I chose the FXCC broker. It is a regulated company that provides quality access to the financial market. For this, there is a high-quality professional trading platform METАtrader 4. Perhaps someone will think that one type of software is not enough. I disagree. This is an excellent user-friendly trading platform with the necessary set of tools for analysis and trading. Orders open and close quickly. No performance problems. I think this is very important.
Another important thing is the withdrawal of money. I withdraw money to the card and have no problems with it and do not wait long.
The broker has good leverage. Perhaps this is good news for someone, because in this case you can make money with a small deposit.

Thajudeen Says:
At: 1 year ago

minimal swaps was the main reason for me to open a real trading account here. I often use locking in my trading and when I have to stay in a pullback, negative swaps can be very painful.

Douglas Taylor Says:
At: 1 year ago

Not a bad broker, I have been working with it for five and a half years and I am quite successful, I speculate on currency pairs in Forex with the help of FXCC trading platform and I get quite a good income in addition to my basic salary. But I can say that the first couple of years I wasn’t very successful, I had little experience and it wasn’t because of the broker. FXCC brokerage firm is really good, its technical support is really good. The brokerage firm FXCC has great conditions for the trading account. Very low floating spreads and high leverage. I want to invite my nephew to trade here. But I wonder what kind of opportunities the broker offers for beginners to trade?

Koushtubh Raval Says:
At: 1 year ago

The FXCC broker has a wonderful educational center where you can find all the basic information for Forex trading.
There is also a demo account, of course. With the help of virtual money, you can try yourself as a bull or a bear without risking your own money 😉

Mason Thomas Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’m going to scalp here because I’m very attracted by your tight spreads and no commission. However, there’s one detail I want to make clear. I heard that there’s a high minimum withdrawal amount here. How much at least can I withdraw?

Volbrerd Says:
At: 1 year ago

The minimum size of withdrawal here is 50$, so you are able to withdraw only 50$ and higher actually.

Hampl Says:
At: 1 year ago

HOw does FXCC broker gets its compensation if there are almost ZERO SPREADS? Are there any hidden commissions?

Giberd Says:
At: 1 year ago

No, there are no hidden fees and I like this broker for that. As for their main income, perhaps the big number of traders who use this broker for trading supply it with the necessary amount of money in the form of fees 🤔

Martins Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’m interested in investing in gold. How do I go about that?

I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria, are you sure your platform will serve me best with my desire to invest and trade in gold worldwide and easy to make withdrawal from my wallet to any Nigeria bank?

I await your response.


Zsolt Bakos Says:
At: 1 year ago

I can assure you, FXCC is a reliable and safe broker for trading in Nigeria.
Trading gold with FXCC broker is no different from trading any other asset, the only thing is that gold is very volatile and can go through a lot of pips in a short period of time, so it’s so important to follow money management.
The most important thing here is definitely the fact that the broker withdraws money on the first request.

Neo Whiller Says:
At: 1 year ago

I like that they offer very tight spreads and don’t charge commissions. I think that it would be very good for active scalping. However, before opening a real account here I would like to know how much I can withdraw here. I mean the minimum amount.

Maier Says:
At: 1 year ago

The minimum amount for withdrawal of money here is only 50 $.
I’m sure you earn more !;)

Matteo Piras Says:
At: 1 year ago

IM AFRAID GOING INTO RED, does this broker have negativie balance protection?

Thai Ly Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, they have negative balance protection.

Daniel Jansa Says:
At: 1 year ago

I liked that they put quite a lot of effort into supporting and helping clients – training, analytics, economic calendar.
That’s cool.
Just tell me what’s up with their mobile app? Any limitations that it applies?

Thengsog Says:
At: 1 year ago

I didn’t find any restrictions.
The mobile application is available for all devices and operating systems.

Hiday Says:
At: 1 year ago

I have recently reviewed the trading conditions here and I think that they are acceptable for me. Small swaps makes it possible for me to use some strategies. I have one question though. Where to find the info on expected swap real-time?

Dariusz Says:
At: 1 year ago

Well, I know that this broker provides information about it, however I am not sure where to find this information, whether it’s possible to find out about expected swaps in real-time. You are free to ask the customer support team. They are real professionals.

Gholbimath Says:
At: 1 year ago

It’s a specific broker but I think that experienced traders can benefit from it. It’s not so good for beginners though. Conditions are great – leverage, spreas, executions – everything.
Yet, beginners can suffer cause the leverage is not limited here. You know the risks…

Homner Sava Says:
At: 1 year ago

It’s a specific broker, but experienced traders can benefit from it. It’s not so suitable for beginners, though. Conditions are excellent – leverage, spreads, executions – everything.
Yet, beginners can suffer cause the leverage is not limited here. You know the risks…

Homner Sava Says:
At: 1 year ago

Came back to check the comments and found out I just copied the one while quoting haha

>It’s a specific broker…
not really this broker is unique. the features is quite regular but I can tell you can trade with no worries. All you need – you can find here.

>You know the risks…
The leverage itseft is not a risk as only the trader is a threat to depo. I personally use 1:1000 when I know what I’m doing. Surely, I lost from time to time, but overall I’m in the black.

Rasmus Says:
At: 1 year ago

How many FOREX assets does the FXCC broker provide for trading? Are there ENOUGH?

Sebastian Lee Says:
At: 1 year ago

It offers more than enough financial instruments. Visit their official site and go to the trading section. You will see enough assets, especially currencies.

ryan Says:
At: 1 year ago

is this broker good for UK

Owen Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yep, as far as I know. Still better try your own.

Henri Says:
At: 1 year ago

What is the maximum size of the leverage here?

Sentinel Says:
At: 1 year ago

As far as I remember the maximum here is 1:500.

Jambha Bhargava Says:
At: 1 year ago

I know some broker offers virtual private servers, does this offer something like this?

Lal Choudhry Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, I can tell you that FXCC broker offers free vps. To receive free VPS you need to comply with certain conditions, for example, the minimum deposit must be at least $ 2500 and a monthly volume of trades not less than 30 standard lots. The benefits of a VPS server are hard to underestimate. Having a remote desktop solves a lot of important problems, which are very often the factors that prevent your Forex expert from trading profitably. VPS is convenient, reliable, stable and fast. And most importantly – accessible to everyone. At the same time, the server is available 24-7, and is supported by modern software.

Drummer Says:
At: 1 year ago

I liked the low spreads at this broker. That’s what I need, but I’m worried.

I want to know, would the broker block my account if I use scalping here?

Derwyn Says:
At: 1 year ago

I believe it’s the opposite, broker gives such tasty spreads to attract traders with high intensity to increase the trading volumes. and by the way the official site says that they welcome scalpers so don’t bother.

Nam Ha Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’m an absolute newbie in trading, can you recommend this broker to me? or is it more suitable for advanced traders or even professionals?

Szervac Says:
At: 1 year ago

surely with any level of skills you can start trading here – for example, with a demo if you’re a beginner…

Brogdog Says:
At: 1 year ago

Did somebody use broker’s apps? How is it functionality-wise? I’m often on the road, so it’s necessary for me to have app that works properly.

Iggerd Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yep! Broker’s app is a must when you are away from your trading office. You got better control and are more focused on new trading situations. At my android device it works stable. Developer and fxcc do a good job

tonyluis Says:
At: 9 months ago
I was scammed a huge sum of money and decided to contact a recovery company via their email address: ( harperjamesplatform @ gmail . com) they help me recover all my lost funds and profits. They are very honest and reliable with great support to answer your questions 24/7 service. They have good reviews online and they are the best ...if you need help with funds recovery you can always get in touch by mail and they can direct you to their recovery website. Everything about them is legit, their English is good ,I highly recommend them due to my experience and have finally got my $82,350 back. I'm so happy.
Eric Smith Says:
At: 7 months ago
its all a scam, i traded with different brokers, most of them disappear when I make withdrawal request, some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that they begin to make large requests. i lost a lot to these fraudulent brokers, i was depressed for months until i was recommended to a Binary options trade funds recovery expert Mr Eddison Ebar when i met them i didn't believe they could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn't know what to believe, but my gut feeling told me to give it a try and i did, feel free to contact them via their email address: [email protected], and they will help you to claim back your lost investment from your scam broker, i was obligated to recommend them for the good service which they offered to help my issue with my broker.