What are NDD Forex Brokers?

NDD Forex Brokers do not use Dealing Desk in its operation and passing traders’ orders directly for execution. So the broker provides only a connection between two parties the trader and the market itself. NDD meaning in Forex Brokers you get access to an interbank market and your positions executed automatically via the best available price while registered as an offset.

  • NDD Brokers building a structure where the client’s interests are independent, while cost of trading is most often a small commission per lot or a very slight markup on the spread, alike 1 pip.
  • Most NDD companies offer variable spreads due to its execution technology, hence scalpers and day traders getting an easier and most perfect offering to trade.

Best NDD Forex Brokers

🏦 Spread Spread from 0 pips + commission / Low spread from 1 pips
📊 Commission Yes / No
🔒 Rejection No
💰 Slippage Low

Here we select the Best NDD Brokers by category among the Best Forex Brokers  with some of the best trading conditions and trustable standards of operation.

What are ECN STP NDD Forex brokers?

NDD describes trading platform that is used by STP brokers or ECN brokers with access to interbank market rates.

What is Ture NDD Broker?

Only Regulated Forex Broker can provide real NDD execution, as they report regularly and overseen by the respected authority for the service delivery. Likewise, the unregulated forex brokers easily fault information and may mislead their statements.

Is No Dealing Desk Broker better?

We cant say is better or not, it is depending on the trading strategy, since Market Makers might be more suitable for beginning traders and may have better spread offering due to access with lower quotes, however NDD is good for scalping or other strategies, also larger account types.