What are Gold Trading Brokers?

Gold Trading Brokers are Broker that offer trading of Gold as one of the most popular investment commodity, that has a bigger impact as a currency while gold may be traded like derivatives, futures , equities, Forex.

Gold Throughout all history of economics and financial worldwide systems occupied a valuable role as a money proxy and oldest currency.

  • Gold Trading offering high liquidity and vast investment opportunities, yet traders have to learn how to take full advantage of gold trading due to its unique position and quite unpredictable nature. As well as understand the importance of chosen execution venue or the Trading Broker that provides you an option to trade Gold, as company may apply particular trading conditions and alternatives to trade.
  • There are several common factors that most often move the gold prices which include supply and demand, Central banks policies, Economics and investment demand.
  • Trading operation on Gold offers many opportunities and may hold significant assets in other natural resources, currencies and often subject to speculation.

💰 Spread Average Gold Spread ranges 0.5-2
📈 Leverage Yes
📉 Positions Sell and Buy
🏦 Contract size Micro Lot, Standard Lot (Depending on the broker)

Best Gold Brokers

Here we made a selection of Top Brokers for Gold trading by category, while precious metals and Gold are appearing among many Brokers’ portfolios.

Most Gold Brokers require a minimum order of how many bullion coins?

Most Brokers require a minimum 10 Bullion coins, however the most popular and easy way of trading is Gold traded as CFDs while trader can invest small amounts typically from 100$ and do not own the asset and speculate on the price movement.

How to Choose Gold Broker?

There are few important points to check before you select the broker, first is regulation to deal with safe broker then select trading platform and account suitable for your need based on CFDs for speculation and smaller investment, or traded as Bullion for large investors.