What are Futures Trading Brokers?

Futures Trading Brokers are platform for Futures trading, which is a trading instrument traded via contracts. Futures exchange is a standardized forward agreement to buy or sell the asset at a predetermined future price and time, known as the delivery date and forward price, with detailed quality and quantity. The original purpose of futures as a trading instrument was to soften the market volatility and potential movements of the price, now it is done by the positions held for future orders as the asset can be either hedged or speculated.

  • Futures as derivative products are negotiated at futures exchanges while the buyers are long position holders and selling party going short. There are Futures on Currencies, Stock Markets and Interest Rate Futures, with the characteristics or allowance to use very high leverage, however available for professional traders only due to regulations.
  • There are obligations while trading Futures to fulfill the terms of the contract, yet eventually turns to change the position from long to short in the same type of contract. In fact, only forex trading brokers has access to Futures with high capitalization, while the top forex brokers may easily fake trading conditions and do not provide a reliable service.
  • Future trading is a quite complicated trading comparing to other assets trading, for this reason Futures Trading Brokers offer certain kinds of tools, data, and customization with quick execution, ability to leverage accounts with reduced margin requirements.

πŸ’° Spread Usually No Spread
πŸ“Š Commission Yes
πŸ›‘οΈ Trading Strategy All Strategies
πŸ”’ Rejection NA

Best Futures Trading Broker

Below we made a listing of the Best Reviewed Futures Trading Brokers made of strictly regulated brokers with a good record and good conditions

What Broker is Best for Day Trading Futures?

For Day Trading Best Brokers are Trading Station and Interactive Brokers regulated in the US.

Which Broker has the Best Margin for Futures?

Margins depending on the Instrument and Futures you would select for trading, check Trading Station for low margins.