Australia is one of the financial Forex Trading hubs with ASIC being its regulation, also an important economy worldwide, also especially valuable in Forex Trading due to Asia Trading Hours with its strategic location. And there is significant number of Australia ASIC Regulated Brokers available.

ASIC Forex Trading Platform

Forex Trading is fully legal in Australia, while it sharply regulates and oversees Trading and Forex activities along with operations through the independent authorizing body ASIC.

  • ASIC Regulated Forex Brokers and Trading Platform are known for the strict compliance of procedures along with high reliability since the regulation protects and provides strong funds security along with a guarantee from the Australian banks.
🏦Regulator Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
🛡️Is it Safe to Trade with ASIC Broker? Yes
📊Max. Leverage 1:30
🔒Negative Balance Protection Yes
💰Compensation Scheme No Compensation

Australia ASIC Forex Regulation

The initial concept of a regulatory ASIC covers all aspects of Australian Stock Exchange operation, as well as strengthening the confidence of investments by supervision of the financial companies through sharp guidelines maintained by the ASIC.

See offical Website Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), also follow its Twitter @ASIC_Connect for important regulatory updates.

While ASIC Platforms and Brokers are popular and save enough, see some important notes about regulations:

  • ASIC demands numerous requirements that the broker should conduct, apart from the financial sustainability, operational standards, safe trading environment and audits designed to protect the clients and enable smooth development of the market offering
  • ASIC-regulated firm should also provide credit to the general public and in case of insolvency, while ASIC provides assistance to the investors by retrieving their funds.
  • ASIC is famous for its friendly consumer attitude, which offers a wide range of free online resources with information about financial markets and guidelines to consumers about investing, its pros, cons and much more of other support.

In the result, as we see along the time the number of Australian ASIC regulated brokers shows growing number of companies that open their offices under the ASIC regulation, as well the increasing popularity among traders to invest in firms regulated by Australia.

ASIC Forex Brokers

Top 5 Best ASIC Regulated Forex Brokers

Here we select some of the best ASIC-Regulated Forex Brokers also narrowed by category, which also offering quite favorable trading conditions and are well-regarded brokers by our experts and other traders too:

Who are ASIC Regulated Binary Options Brokers?

There is no ASIC Regulated Binary Options Broker, ASIC restricts use and offering of Binary Options recognizing them as highly risky instruments which lack transparency.

Does ASIC Broker allow high leverage?

Before Australia was famous and well-known due to high leverage offering , which majority of world regulations like FCA, BaFIN restrict leverage to 1:30 Australia traders could use 1:500. However, is not a case anymore since ASIC now also restrict leverage to maximum of 1:30 due to high risks involved.