The UK is an internationally renowned financial hub and economic powerhouse, a long-standing trusted home to many European businesses. It boasts one of the biggest concentrations of Forex Brokers in the world today.

Forex Trading Platform in the UK

Forex trading is legal and regulated in the UK, so Trading Platform is related to the broker since you need to open Trading Account with the Broker first and then to use its offered Trading Platform. Therefore, choosing a trading platform that caters to your needs in UK is essential hence is important to find a good reliable broker.

  • In fact, UK Brokers offer very good trading conditions compared to the industry, since follow strict guidelines, therefore Trading Platforms in UK are considered among the best in the world for quality and execution alike.
  • UK-based brokers are eligible to provide their service all around the world, hence many brokers overseas have established entities in the UK.
  • Forex Brokers and Platforms offering their service in the UK must be authorized and regulated by FCA. Read our FCA regulated brokers
  • However, many fake brokers claim their UK establishment and may use references to license, so is important to check well the Broker you’re going to use and verify licenses on regulatory websites
UK Trading Pros UK Trading Cons
Highly Regulated by FCA Many offshore and scam Brokers attract UK clients
Excellent Client Protection and COmpensation Scheme Limitations on Bitcoin Trading
Negative Balance Protection No higher leverage
UK Brokers are Highly Reputable
Opportunity to use different trading strategies
UK Brokers available for European Traders due to EEA zone

UK Forex Regulation

The UK government took proactive measures to create a safe, secure environment for online traders. By introducing regulations on Forexbrokers they guarded investors against potential volatility while encouraging them to confidently partake in high-risk ventures.

The UK’s only authority that oversees financial operations is its famous Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

For further information check FCA website:, also to keep yourself updated follow FCA official Twitter @TheFCA .

  • FCA operates the mission to supervise the financial investment activities along with brokerage houses, exchanges or other parties and to ensure the financial markets work properly.
  • The money safety guaranteed by the FSCS (Financial Service Compensation Scheme) guarantees investments in case of the authorized company insolvency up to £80,000 per client.
  • Besides, FCA remains a very active public authority where you can check the record and verify company information through the FCA official website:
  • Among the numerous, even very sharp requirements in regard to operations, the applied authorization provides a safe trading environment to the investors.

Top 5 Best Forex Brokers UK

There are many Good Brokers based in the UK, below you will find a listing of the Best Reviewed Brokers based in the UK with our opinion. The list was created according to the specified criteria and its Trust Scores, so your choice might be lined narrower:

Is it possible to open account under UK FCA Broker for International Trader?

Yes, since there are no restrictions on international trading on investment, amd FCA is eligible to provide their services overseas non-UK residents can trade or invest in the UK, and they are generally only subject to UK tax.