HYCM Review (2023)

Min Deposit
MT4, MT5


Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited - FCA No.186171  
HYCM (Europe) Ltd - CySEC No.259/14  
Henyep Capital Markets (DIFC) Limited - DFSA No.F000048
HYCM Limited - FSC No.25228 (IBC 2018)

What is HYCM?

HYCM or formerly HYMarkets is rightfully considered one of the leaders among forex brokers and at the moment shares more than 40 years of experience in the market. The broker is a member of the Henyep Group, the international financial holding company established in 1977 which headquarters in London, UK operating in financial services, education and real estate.

As the main pro of HYCM firm is a strict regulation that broker has throughout its offices in major cities around the world London, Limassol (Cyprus), Hong Kong and Dubai while complies with regulatory agencies in each jurisdiction. Besides HYCM maintain powerful trading capabilities, offering an advanced range of trading instruments and accompany its clients with dedicated support.

HYCM Pros and Cons

HYCM has long history of operation and is a heavily regulated Broker. The account opening is easy and offers various account types while costs are low, HYCM education and research is good quality and you can use various options to deposit or withdraw funds.

On the negative side proposal vary according to the entity, there is no 24/7 support, trading instruments are limited to Forex and CFDs, also the trading platform is solely MetaTrader.

10 Points Summary
🏢 Headquarters UK
🗺️ Regulation FCA, ESMA, CySEC, DFSA, CIMA
🖥 Platforms MT4 and MT5
📉 Instruments Forex, metals, gold and silver, energy products oil and gas, commodities, indices and stocks
💰 EUR/USD Spread 1.2 pips
🎮 Demo Account Available
💳 Minimum deposit 100$
💰 Base currencies Various currencies
📚 Education Professional Education with Live webinars and Seminars
☎ Customer Support 24/5


HYCM maintains a professional trading environment and is a highly regarded broker with not only a long history of operation but also with numerous clients from all around the world and trading community consistent of HYCM traders. In fact, HYCM trademark is much-respected brand among traders and investors in the financial industry, which is also confirmed by gained international awards.

Is HYCM safe or a scam

No, HYCM is not a scam. HYCM is part of a global company with high trust solid track record and is regulated by several authorities FCA, CySEC and DFSA. Therefore, HYCM is considered low risk and secure broker to trade Forex.

Is HYCM legit?

The main office is Henyep Capital Markets, headquartered in London, and respectfully regulated by the FCA, which guarantees to its customers the appropriate legal security and provides convenient conditions for cooperation. Other, additional branches holding appropriate licenses from Dubai, Cyprus, etc. which confirms an unparalleled follow of the operational guidelines.

HYCM entity Regulation and License
Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited Authorized by FCA (UK) registration no. 186171
HYCM (Europe) Ltd Authorized by CySEC (Cyprus) registration no.  259/14
Henyep Capital Markets (DIFC) Limited Authorized by DFSA (Dubai) registration no. F000048
HYCM Ltd Authorized by CIMA (Cayman Islands) registration no. 1442313

How are you protected?

In simple words, strict regulation means customer are protected while deposits are always segregated, stored separately from the company’s funds and not available for personal or business use by HYCM. In addition, company clients are participants of the FSCS compensation program applicable to a particular entity.

Thus, in case HYCM by virtue of certain circumstances is unable to provide further financial services, customers may receive compensation. However, note regulation varies according to a particular entity where conditions and audit rules are diverse as well.


HYCM leverage actually, depending under which regulation and jurisdiction trading account complies with. Meaning each jurisdiction falls under particular rules and laws, therefore depending on your residence various leverage levels and trading conditions likewise are applicable.

  • 1:500 for Dubai and CIMA accounts
  • 1:30 for the UK and European traders

The high leverage up to 1:500 opens the path to the smaller retail traders, as a quite small initial deposit will cover margins, yet this level is allowed only for Dubai accounts and those that comply to CIMA (Cayman Islands).

The rest, and the majority of HYCM accounts will fall under European ESMA regulation, which recently limited leverage to a maximum of 1:30 for Forex instruments.

Account types

HYCM account types include three accounts Fixed, Classic and Raw Spread Accounts that are different models accounts. HYCM uses either a fixed spread (Also check fixed spread forex brokers) model with slightly higher spread, means commissions are not charged on trades. Classic account offers variable spreads, and Raw spread is provided by interbank spread from 0 pips with commission per trade. However, trading accounts and conditions may vary according to jurisdiction rules.


HYCM fees will vary according to the account type you select or trade, so see which one is suitable for your trading style. HYCM fixed spreads worth considering for those that prefer to rely on stability even during volatile news and Classic variable spreads are good for various trading styles with no commission added.

It is important to get into broker fees too, check additional fees like a commission for deposits or withdrawal also non-trading fees.

Fees HYCM Fees OctaFX Fees AvaTrade Fees
Deposit Fee No No No
Withdrawal Fee Yes No No
Inactivity Fee Yes Yes Yes
Fee ranking Low, Average Low High

Non trading fees

HYCM overnight fee or a swap rate determined by the overnight interest rate is involved in a long opened position (Check out best swap free forex brokers), whether its a buy ‘long’ or sell ‘short’. The fee originally varies from one currency to another, for example, EURUSD buy order will equal -3.25%, while selling will add 1.25% respectively.

Also, what you should consider is inactivity fee, meaning HYCM will charge 10$ per month in case trading account has no activity for a certain time.


HYCM Spread depending on the account type, Fixed spread conditions offer a slightly higher spread but with stability under any circumstances. While Classic Account with variable spreads will include lower spreads that is changing according to volatility and market conditions. Lastly, Raw spread is a choice for mainly professional traders as trading fees inbuilt into commission per round, which is 4$.

Besides, there are Islamic trading accounts available for traders with no adjustments. Also, compare HYCM trading fees to BlackBull Markets. See HYCM Spread below.

Asset/ Pair HYCM Spread OctaFX Spread AvaTrade Spread
EUR USD Spread 1.2 pips 0.5 pips 1.3 pips
Crude Oil WTI Spread 6 pips 2 pips 3 pips
Gold Spread 32 20 40


HYCM specializes in providing trading services and offers a wide range of over 100 different financial instruments to trade with access to forex, metals such as gold and silver, energy products like oil and gas, commodities, indices and stocks. Also, HYCM constantly improving its range of instruments and now offers wide selection of Cryptocurrencies.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are plenty of ways to consolidate trading account, as well to withdraw funds from the account further on. HYCM applied democratic policy to money transfers, yet conditions and methods may vary according to the particular HYCM entity.

Deposit Options

HYCM’s clients can use regular bank cards and other popular payment methods:

  • Visa/MasterCard,
  • Wire Bank Transfers
  • various electronic system WebMoney, UnionPay, Neteller, Skrill, etc.
  • Bitcoin

HYCM Minimum Deposit

HYCM minimum deposit varies according to the chosen account and starting from 100$, Raw spread account requires 200$ at the start.

HYCM minimum deposit vs other brokers

HYCM Most Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit $100 $500


Another pleasing addition from HYCM, the fee for deposits and withdrawals – 0$. Meaning you can easily manage expenses, yet make sure to deposit in your account base currency and avoid conversion.

Trading Platforms

As a leading financial services provider, HYCM offers its traders with advanced trading platforms. HYCM gave its preference and reliability to the popular MetaTrader 4 platform and has made it as the mainstay, yet you always can choose a new version Metatrader5.

Pros Cons
Mainstay on MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 No proprietary platform
User friendly trading
Price alerts and push notifications
Supporting various languages and trading styles
Web, Mobile and Desktop versions

Web Platform

MetaTrader 4, which is an industry-leading software is loved for many reasons, but mainly for its ease of use and comprehensive features. Web Platform is a great choice due to its easy access via any browses and does not require any installation or specific settings.

The only gap could be a limited number of tools and drawing applications available via Web Version so for more comprehensive analysis you better choose desktop MT4.

Desktop Platform

Nevertheless, professional and day trading traders would need a desktop platform which is a full version of MT4 or MT5 platform offering a maximum of its trading capabilities.

Moreover, MT4 suitable for beginner traders and including security and 24-hour support, automated trading capable, integrated technical analysis tools and indicators, streaming market news, personal VIP dealer services, expert advisors and many more.

Mobile Platform

HYCM has also included Mobile Application – HYCM Trader, for the traders who prefer to trade on the go, which allows trading at anytime and anywhere. HYCM Trader is available on both Google Play and the App Store (all you have to do is search HYCM).

Customer Support

HYCM support in any case and questioning through its established 24h customer service available on various languages and performed via the service desks covering global need. Even though, customer service available on working days only it is quite responsive and reachable via Live Chat, International Phone lines, email, etc.


Another fantastic opportunity with HYCM is its education center that provides all the necessary knowledge for successful trading. These include Trading Courses, regularly held Webinars and Seminars in various locations, also you will find Technical Analysis and Market Analysis available with tutorials, MT4Videos and other essential data.

This is indeed great and very recommended for beginning traders especially, since together with good education and research tools you have good chances for a good trading path.

Conclusion on HYCM

After all, HYCM brokerage company has a strong and very reliable reputation in the financial market. The time timed broker, offering professional services to the traders while highly regulated and regarded by traders as well. Small retail traders can find their way to open a live trading account, as a very small deposit of only $100 allows so. Beginners are most welcome to the company too, with quality customer support team and good education or research.


Rahmat Says:
At: 1 year ago

Hello dear
I want open an account please Snead me office address in swiszarland bern

Albert Gommeren Says:
At: 1 year ago

Better do some research first Rahmat. HYCM is one of the worst brokers around. Avoid them like the plague.

Onlooker R Says:
At: 1 year ago

Who would you recommend, Albert?

Mike Field-Dodgson Says:
At: 1 year ago

That is an interesting comment Albert. Why would you say that when you research the rating of the various brokers internationally

Nicholas Says:
At: 1 year ago

I consider HYCM as one of the biggest forex scammers
Please if you are planning to trade with them don’t do it
I made profits they refused to send my money instead they sent me some fictitious wire prove
I sent the information to my bank I was told by my bank that such wite information doesn’t exist
They are owing me more than $6000
Right now they are not picking my calls nor reply my mails
I have sent them my bank officers name, phone numbers and email
I have sent them my account statement to prove such money never made it to my account
But I rather die than to allow them to eat my money
Am a black man this is part of the injustice we go through in this wicked world

Nazir Pathak Says:
At: 1 year ago

From what I understood, HYCM has started offering online trading pretty much as soon as online trading emerged. They’ve had enough time to build up the reputation and looks like they’ve suceeded. I’ve just started trading CFDs here, but so far so good. I’ve chosen the broker for its reputation and spreads policy. To my pleasure executions quality turned out to be very nice as well. I recommend working with HYCM!

Mubarak Says:
At: 1 year ago

It is immediately noticeable that this broker is trying to provide decent conditions for trading. I like that there are so many instruments and the broker gives useful information, which can be useful to find profitable situations in the market faster. At one time I was recommended to work with HYCM and I am glad that I took it seriously.

Rahman Puspasari Says:
At: 1 year ago

Looking at different account types at HYCM I keep wondering, who in the world would choose paying $4 commission per trade on raw accounts? Aren’t 2 other options with 0 commisisons much better?

Kubura Kayode Says:
At: 1 year ago

In fact, HYCM raw account can turn out to be MUCH more favorable. They only charge $4 per round, which is really favorable in comparison iwth several pips spreads with a decent positions size.

Chonur Pluvcov Says:
At: 1 year ago

This is my broker 🙂 I think this is the best combination of reliability, quality of executions and nice spreads and commissions policy that a forex trader can find. Broker has got real offices in a number of countries, which is a nice quality mark as well in my opinion.

Agustin D'avila Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yeah, I worked hard to ensure I choose the service was of high quality and the cooperation between the client and the broker is mutually beneficial. Spreads here are average, but they are optimal for any capital. No problems with the withdrawal of funds do not create – yeah, this is clearly a profitable solution.

Trey Stoltenberg Says:
At: 1 year ago

Can you tell me how fast the funds are being withdrawn here?

Sid Badal Says:
At: 1 year ago

You know, it happens differently, sometimes the money comes on the same day, sometimes the withdrawal takes a couple of days, but from my observations I never waited more than three days, quite acceptable.

N.Patrisios Says:
At: 1 year ago

Quick. According to my observations, about one or two days. It says on their website that they can withdraw up to a week, but I’ve never seen one in a couple of years.

Phirun Says:
At: 1 year ago

Who knows if it is possible to work with a manager in HYCM, he can help to find out everything faster?

Mezishic Says:
At: 1 year ago

Depends on what you want to find out. Managers will definitely not give you any advise on what to trade and how. But if you mean whether they can help with choosing the best account type or help you with understanding the leverage and margin requirements – yes, they can be very helpful.

Naleak Says:
At: 1 year ago

Do they apply spread only, no commission. Correct?

Assur Says:
At: 1 year ago

This depends on the account you choose. For classic and fix its just spread with no commission. Raw accounts have spreads of 0.2-0.5 pips and a $4 commission per trade.

Naleak Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’ve got you, thanx! Raw trading fees sound very fascinating for above 1 lot position size.

Greg Harrison Says:
At: 1 year ago

And if I’m completely inexperienced, would this broker be good for me?

Bakt al Zaheed Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yeah, I think HYCM is good for you even if you have no trading experience at all. The broker has a simple working interface, a user-friendly trading platform, and a demo account. Usually, all beginners gain experience first trading on a demo, and then open a real account.
But the most exciting thing for a beginner, HYCM has a huge base of free education. It is divided into categories and in it you can really find everything that interests you.
So my opinion is that a broker is suitable for more experienced traders, as well as with traders who have no experience at all.

Icak Reynolds Says:
At: 1 year ago

What’s the maximum leverage here???

Dartono Samosir Says:
At: 1 year ago

For MT5 – up to 1:200
For MT4 – up to 1:500 for Forex
1:100 for exotic currencies
1:100 for indices and 1:20 for crypro.
BUT! That’s only with HYCM SVG. If you want to trade with HYCM that’s regulated by the UK FCA or CySEC – than leverage will be up to 1:30 for forex and 1:2 for crypto. For commodities up to 1:10.
The full list you can get on the HYCM website, as I rememba

Riddhi Persad Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, you wrote it all right…
It’s not bad conditions, is it?
Otherwise, usually only one asset group has acceptable performance for trading, and everything else is not very profitable for customers. Well, that’s the idea I got after studying the conditions for trading in other companies.

Mustika Wido Says:
At: 1 year ago

Does this company have a mobile app for an iPhone?

Willow Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, it has. HYCM offers MT4 and MetaQuotes has designed app for iOS (iPhones and iPads). Just follow Trading – Metatrader 4 on the official website, there will be button ‘Download on the App Store’. There’s the same button for Metatrader 5.

Cakrajiya Najmudin Says:
At: 1 year ago

Are there any regulations?

Loutsen Says:
At: 1 year ago

4 regulations, as I remember – British (FCA), Cysec (Europe) and 2 offshore regulatuions.

Ed Parisian Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’m learning to trade with HYCM, now I’m with $200, cause I’m learning, but I’ve plans to invest more money.
There’s, fairly, some points that I like and some that I dislike. I like that brokerage is regulated, so I don’t fear to invest money (but I still fear to lose them while trading) and I know that I will get my funds and all profits back, however I don’t like that there’s no demo account?
Am I right and they don’t have demo?

L.Kayode Says:
At: 1 year ago

HYCM offers demo account, just go to your account after signing up and choose Create Demo Account. Demo is the same as the real account, but without risking your own money.

Ahsan Ali Says:
At: 1 year ago

I often have some problems with calculations of position size, I often make mistakes.
Can you tell me if there are any tools here for me to solve this question?

Mirko Farina Says:
At: 1 year ago

Right on the broker’s website, you can find a calculator. Among calculators you can find: Pip calculator, Currency converter and Margin calculator. I think it’s okay not to explain what each individual calculator is for. They are easy to use and don’t require any special access. You just go to the HYCM website and use them.

Gauri Khan Says:
At: 1 year ago

Im just learning HYCM and haven’t made a deposit yet, I want to check everything before investing my money. I’ve noticed many really positive things.
1. The broker has 5 (!) regulations. 5, Carl! Why do they need such many? But okay. Among the regulations are both CIMA and FCA + CySEC. These two regulations are very respected in the community, so I think this is a big advantage.
2. Positive reviews on respected websites, which adds to the confidence that the broker is good not only “”on paper””, but also in “”real trading””.
3. Minimum deposit only $100. This is the first broker with FCA regulation that accepts traders starting from $100 deposit, so this is great!
The only drawback is that my strategy involves using fixed spreads. Is it possible to fix spreads on my HYCM account?

Abdula al Mohammed Says:
At: 1 year ago

First of all these variety of regulations is needed cause it covers all the distant areas of the globe this way. Regulations apply depending on the country that the customer comes from. I.e EU customers will be under CYSEC regulation, etc.
Secondly, you can always change the account type. Simply contact the support manager, they will let you know how soon you can expect the transfer to a new account type. Thye’ve got fixed spreads on one of the account types, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Zarib Says:
At: 1 year ago

In simple words and short answers.
1. The more regulations, the better.
2. HYCM offers three types of accounts: Fixed, Classic and raw. If your strategy requires 100% fixed spreads, use fixed, but I would suggest you try a raw account. There’s 0.2-0.4 pips spreads and $4 fee per round. I think this account is much better than fixed spreads.

Wubba Says:
At: 1 year ago

So far I’m just testing a demo account here. The brokerage looks nice in regard of all these regulations that they’ve got. But I can’t understand, do all these regulations apply to every customer ? SO when I register and deposit my funds will be covered with all these authorities that they list on official website?

Kaluf Says:
At: 1 year ago

Hey! Yeah, that’s exactly how it works. Your account will be protected by regulators, which you can read about on the broker’s website. They apply equally to all the broker’s clients, and that’s good thing for you. This way you can be sure that nothing happens to your deposit and it will always be protected by the regulator.

Che Lee Nghan Says:
At: 1 year ago

Can education from this brokerage really be so useful?

Anvar Latier Says:
At: 1 year ago

I can answer that question like this. If you already have some experience, this training may seem simple enough and not very informative. But a lot depends on the experience, so sometimes it is worth looking through even the basic things again to make sure you have not missed anything. And the beginner will be interested in it on 1000% because here he will get the base which will help to continue to develop in the market and to pass to more difficult strategies.

Yoen Dahud Says:
At: 1 year ago

I like this broker for some reasons:
1. 100% regulated. I feel that me and my funds are 100% secure, so i’m free to trade as I want and I don’t care about withdrawals
2. Withdrawals itself are so fast, sometimes I get money at the same day.
3. Vast educational opportunities, including both free and payed education, so each trader will find something to improve its trading.
4. Metatrader 4/Metatrader 5. That’s the best trading platforms, so I like them.
However, I recently have read one of reviews where author said that there’s opportunity to copy other traders strategies. I haven’t found nothing like this, so can someone explain is this fake or it’s real opportunity to copy-trade?

Locoin Says:
At: 1 year ago

Look, there is no biult in sync trading here,
But… Here you can work with ready-made trading algorithms – because it is allowed by regulation, and it is a really safe format without constant personal participation. Or you can use MT5 signals to follow some strategy of your choice.

Tri Diep Says:
At: 1 year ago

I have been interested in trading for several years. And I believe that this business will be mine for many years, because there is always something to strive for and there are always some unusual moments and non-standard ways to solve them. This company has attracted my attention because of its serious regulation. It seems to me that this is one of the security guarantees. And I have already tested it in practice through withdrawal of funds. Everything went well, the commissions were minimal, the money came the same day.
And now I am interested in fixed spreads. And for this reason I had a question.
In what cases is it relevant? Or under what strategies is it reasonable to use fixed spreads?

Sterl Wiegand Says:
At: 1 year ago

Fixed spreads are better in long-term trading, as in the short-term they will ‘eat’ significant part of your profits. I can suggest you to try Raw account, at least I’m trading with ti and I see it as an more predictable account type (compared to variable spreads) and more cheap (compared to fixed spreads), especially if you have a big trades.

Faraz Jadgob Says:
At: 1 year ago

Is there any way to copy signals?

Jamal Mulyani Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’ve never heard of such a possibility. It is unlikely that you can copy signals in HYCM if I understood your question correctly. But there is a lot of analytics here. So you can look at the top 10 movers, for example. And draw conclusions from this table. It’s kind of a clue. I actively use those.

Gasti Kuswandari Says:
At: 1 year ago

I trade with HYCM maybe about half a year. So far I’m doing well, the brokerage works well and didn’t let me down.
At the beginning, I had problems choosing the type of account, as the broker has 3 of them. But as a result I understood that the Classic account will be the most advantageous for me. On it pretty low spreads, and thus there is no commission as on Raw account.
It’s also very cool that the broker provides quite a few different assets for trading, among which there are cryptocurrencies (I’ve always wanted to try to trade them).
So far I have traded on the MT4 trading platform, but lately I’m thinking of switching to the MT5 trading platform. Is it true that the MT5 trading platform supports those exotic instruments that aren’t available on the MT4? That would be cool 😉

Toan Vo Says:
At: 1 year ago

If you mean assets, than NO.
If you mean trading features, than yes. MT5 is better in this regard, at least it supports the Market Depth!

Hardik Lawoti Says:
At: 1 year ago

I opened a Classic account with a broker half a year ago. In fact, it was quite difficult for me to decide on the account type, as the brokerage represents 3 account types to choose from.
But I made a choice, and my trading conditions – floating spreads from 1.2 pips, the minimum deposit of $100, the minimum trade of 0.01 lot, it is possible to trade through Expert Advisors.
This is quite profitable, and fits my trading strategies almost perfectly.
I chose HYCM as my broker because of its regulation and positive reputation on the market.
As far as I know, a broker has enough assets to trade with. What are your favorite ones BTW? Any interesting stocks or crypto that I might be missing?

Funmilayo Ademola Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, HYCM supports cryptos. The list of supported digital coins is fairly big. Go to the corresponding section of their official website for more deteails.

Pramesh Tuladhar Says:
At: 1 year ago

How useful HYCM education is?

Bruno Almeida Says:
At: 1 year ago

Depending on how you use it, I think. It can boost your trading, but only if you would work hard and would try to become better. Don’t expect that education would be a magic wand that would make you a great trader. But it’s usefull, I was learning with HYCM and now I’m making money with trading and that’s my only one income source.

Sigurd Mraz Says:
At: 1 year ago

I want to activate my first depo bonus with HYCM Ltd. How can I do this?

Lanang Nurdiyanti Says:
At: 1 year ago

If you are a client of HYCM Ltd regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, you are lucky because it’s the only branch of the well-known broker that provides a 10% Credit Bonus on every depo you make over $100.

Ralf Kühn Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’m happy to trade with HYCM. I joined this broker following one of the recommendations received on my favorite trading forum. I have always put reliability first when assessing any broker. I don’t care how many exclusive features this particular broker can offer. I just want to have peace of mind when trading with it. I want to be assured that my orders will be executed as it should be and I can always withdraw my money if required. HYCM 100% met my expectations and I like it very much.
However, I have a question. I want to use a joint account with another person. Is it possible with this broker?

Ankur Prajapati Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, it’s possible to open a joint trading account with another person, one should write to the broker’s customer service to get their official authorization.

Daniel Haase Says:
At: 1 year ago

Does HYCM charge a fee overnight for an open trading position?

Pierre Bashirian Says:
At: 1 year ago

The broker charges an overnight fee for an open trade.

Jagaraga Hutasoit Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’m trading with this brokerage for almost 4 years and I think that’s a long enough term to draw my own conclusions about it. Actually, If you’re expecting a ‘free-money’, then trading isn’t your business at all (as well as any other business),. You should work really hard in order to achieve some success, but if you would – you would be rewarded. HYCM offers all you need to be successfull in trading and other just depends on you.

Isidor Persson Says:
At: 1 year ago

What leverage do you use? I heard some branches of the broker offer very low leverage due to regulation restrictions.

Olgierd Zawadzki Says:
At: 1 year ago

What if I want to try MT5 instead of MT4? How can I change the tading platform?

Antarius Says:
At: 1 year ago

You should attentively choose a trading platform when registering a trading account with this broker. If you already have an MT4 trading account and want to shift to Metatrader 5, simply open a new account but choose MT5 this time. You can trade on both accounts or transfer funds from the MT4 one to the new account.

Rafael Guajardo Says:
At: 1 year ago

What I like about the broker is that it is fully regulated. And also because it has been on the market for a long time and has a good reputation. Because I wouldn’t trust money to some shady people. And now, I can trade with confidence, knowing that I’m well protected against non-trading risks.

Joachim Krause Says:
At: 1 year ago

Have you had any experience with unregulated brokers? I do not ask for the scam of the company. I mean only honest brokers who have not yet become so popular.

Rafael Guajardo Says:
At: 1 year ago

Choose HYCM and don’t worry.
This company is sure to meet your expectations.

Enid Dickens Says:
At: 1 year ago

I recently registered with an HYCM broker. I really liked the MT4 platform but people say MT5 is more modern. Is there really much difference?

Boros Patrik Says:
At: 1 year ago

On the HYCM Metatrader 4 trading platform, you can use these tools for trading:
This is a very good assortment of choices for a forex trading broker.

Chunkys Says:
At: 1 year ago

Please tell me what good indicators does HYCM have on Metatrader 4?

Bakianto Pradana Says:
At: 1 year ago

Broker HYCM allows its traders to trade MT4 and this is great because this trading platform has a lot of analysis tools. I like to use indicators: Moving Average, RSI, Bollinger Bands and MACD. This lets me know what the trend will be..

Valdo Barone Says:
At: 1 year ago

How much do I need to make a deposit to get the best trading conditions of the HYCM broker?

Jamal Says:
At: 1 year ago

II think that in any case, HYCM broker will offer you great trading offers such as low spreads and zero commissions.
But if we talk about a good profit, then I recommend that you make a deposit of at least 1000 dollars.

Drahoslav Bajnok Says:
At: 1 year ago

What does HYCM broker offer to people who want to make money fast?

Salimah Says:
At: 1 year ago

If you are a beginner, you can hardly earn a lot of money fast. First, you should learn how to forecast the market. If you succeed in this, you can work on short timeframes trading intensively in daytime. For this purpose, the broker offers everything required. These are Metatrader 5 or Metatrader 4. These platforms have all the necessary tools to analyze the market. I advise you to take some time to learn how to analyze the market properly. Earning money fast on Forex is possible but it requires practice and a great deal of dedication.

Kazimierz Wysocki Says:
At: 1 year ago

I have been working with hycm for the second year already. In general, I was satisfied with the trading conditions and the service provided. Not without problems, of course, but, as they say, that it is not mistaken and there are no problems only for those who do nothing. Their support helped to quickly solve all problems. I hope they won’t disappoint in the future.
There is a convenient form of 5 questions, answering which you can understand which type of trading account is best suited.
When registering, I opened a trading account of the Fixed type, it seemed to me the most suitable – the minimum deposit is $ 100, the minimum transaction is 0.01 lot, spreads from 1.8 pips, there is no commission, there is no EA trading.
I attracted a wide selection of trading instruments, it seems to me that such a diverse selection of instruments as hycm is simply not available anywhere else. I tested the terminal day and night and made sure that the execution of transactions was excellent at any time. I decided to stay trading only here, although at the same time I wanted to open in another company.

Srechko Kos Says:
At: 1 year ago

Do you think this broker has enough indicators to do good trading analysis?

Ikas Hasanah Says:
At: 1 year ago

Please tell me can I trade fixed spreads on MT4 HYCM broker account ??

Even Paulsen Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, HYCM allows its users to trade fix spreads on all the platforms that this brokerage works with and MT4 is not an exception.

Bernard Engel Says:
At: 1 year ago

When I decided to become a trader I decided to find a 100% honest and professional broker. For me, forex trading is a new occupation and I must be confident in the company which I will give my deposit to. I read a lot that HYCM is an experienced company and there are conditions for profitable trading. For example, I liked the low spreads and high leverage.
This is all good, but it is important for me to know which organization controls the work of this broker?

Alex Dua Says:
At: 1 year ago

That is a very good question. Actually hycm is regulated by 4 organisations which are: FCA, CySEC, DFSA and CIMA.

Dionýz Puškáš Says:
At: 1 year ago

I am still thinking about which new broker to choose, so, speaking of hycm I can see that it is a multi regulated broker with the good reputation among the traders which is really great because now I understand that this brokerage is trustworthy. However, I would like to try my hand in algo trading in order to make my trading decisions less emotional and more logical. I believe that such a change will stand a chance to improve my trading results in the long run. So, my question is whether I will be able to use EAs in my trading if start working with hycm?

Massimiliano Gatti Says:
At: 1 year ago

Broker HYCM has trading platforms Metatrader 4 and 5. This software has the ability to connect trading robots and advisors.

Mark s-v Says:
At: 1 year ago

This broker provides traders with lots of instruments and tools in order to make trading activity much more comforotable. Traders are always in search of such conditions, I’m sure. So, I believe that this broker must strengthen its position on the market and try to implement as much new and useful features as it can. The main here is just to listen to trading community and its wishes. Moreover, i would note an interesting system of types of accounts. I see it quite perspective, by the way, anyone knows how can I determine which types is the most suitable for me?

Filipe Gaspar Says:
At: 1 year ago

To my mind the main advantage of this broker is that it allows to choose between floating and fixed spreads. I personally chose fixed spreads because they are good for high volatility trading. Respectively, if you intend to trade in a high volatility session, you’d better open a Fixed account. It’s quite a universal account,except for scalping. If you like to scalp, open a Raw account because it offers tight spreads.

Sushant Says:
At: 1 year ago

Yes, HYCM broker has really different three types of accounts in terms of trading conditions. How to determine which type of account is right for you? Probably it depends on your trading type first of all. To determine that, you should take into consideration how many positions you open, whether you prefer to trade on the news or on a quiet market, whether you trade at night or in the evening, or during European and American sessions. All this affects the choice of trading account.
For example, even though I like to trade on the news, I chose for myself an account with floating spreads, because at this broker I didn’t notice significant spread widening, so I make much more profit on this account.
You can start with an account with fixed spreads, that’s what all newbies usually do.

Zvonimir Says:
At: 1 year ago

I cannot (or do not want to) install on my computer any software to trade Forex with HYCM broker. Will I be able to trade Forex in this case?

Daniele Negri Says:
At: 1 year ago

The broker offers different options for using the platform for trading, offering desktop and web versions of the MT4 platform.
Since HYCM broker is only focused on using MetaTrader, mobile versions of the MT4 app for iOS and Android are quite standard and available for download from the Apple iTunes and Android Playstore.
Although MT4 at all brokers is standard with slight variations in functionality, significant differences can be in how the platform is set up in terms of trading spreads and commissions, order execution and other tools, features and administrative areas. You can also see the differences in the web version settings.

Tadeusz Says:
At: 1 year ago

As a broker HYCM is very strong. It is not for nothing that it has been on the market for so many years and has high positions everywhere. The application for mobile trading is clear, it replaces the full-size terminal completely.
Always ready to help. I got lost in the settings of the terminal, called the manager. We set it up together in a couple of minutes. And that’s the way it is with everything.
The broker has groups on Skype, Vyber, Telegram, Watsap and Facebook. I recommend this broker.
What do you think of this mobile app?

Patrik Drozd Says:
At: 1 year ago

Mobile application seemed to me pretty convenient and I didn’t spend so much time on sorting out how to use this mobile application. Actually, this details was the main for me, so I can claim that everything is okay with it.

Owwel Says:
At: 1 year ago

I never use mobile apps for trading. They can’t beat a full-fledged desktop platform in terms of functionality. This broker absolutely suites me but I trade on its Metatrader and not on its app.

Pieter Stange Says:
At: 1 year ago

HYCM looks really decent and honest to me. Not every broker is capable of surviving for more than 40 years in such a competitive and even toxic environment as forex market. More than that, the broker is also regulated by several third-party organisations whicb only strenghtens my trsut to these guys. I’ve heard that hycm has some statuses system and I am really confused of how to choose the status which would suit me the most? Is there any life hack to that?

Puvanes Says:
At: 1 year ago

You are talking about some kind of statuses .. hmmm .. probably you meant the types of accounts.
This is true, there are types of accounts with different spreads:
– fixed;
– variable;
– raw spread.
In order to understand which one you need, HYCM broker has some kind of quiz on the site. There are 5 questions. When you answer this, you will be prompted which account you need.
It’s actually easier than it looks. 😉

Titanium Says:
At: 1 year ago

I came to HYCM after being out of forex trading for a while. The support staff was very patient with me. Not one question went unanswered. They gave me faith in myself and provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed. HYCM is a truly honest broker in a world filled with scammers and sharks.
In addition, here you can choose an account with fixed spreads and not be afraid of over-the-top trading fees. the spreads here are small…
I highly recommend them to everyone!
I want to know which platform you can recommend me here for scalping, MT4 or MT5?

Albaz Says:
At: 1 year ago

I feel that it is more like a matter of taste. I believe that it is better to learn mt5 as it is more modern and updated, it can offer much wider functionality.

Ronald Phillips Says:
At: 1 year ago

MetaTrader 5 is a widely used trading platform for Forex and especially CFDs. It is more powerful than the MetaTrader 4 platform, offering enhanced social and copy trading features, as well as better back testing and analytical functionalities. I would choose MT5 trading platform, however we shouldn’t exclude MT4 from this list as well. I prefer MT5 and i would reccomend it for any strategies as I supoose the days of MT4 will last someday.

Cadrusk Says:
At: 1 year ago

The broker is time-tested… Trading with HYCM, I can be sure for the safety of my funds and for the fact that any of my questions will not go unanswered.
I started trading here not too long ago and this is my first broker. Before that, I only studied theory, but it was here, thanks to great webinars, that my puzzle came together and I started to trade with small profits… I trade on mt4, and would like to switch to mt5.
Can you tell me if there is any training on the functions of mt5 trading platform?

Kent Says:
At: 1 year ago

Guess that as for the training on mt5, you can just open the platform and train on a real account, or you can use it on demo. However, I never advise traders to stay on demo for so long, because it may cause unpleasant consequences. You will never feel the risk on demo and this habbit will blow your real money depo

Viet Vu Says:
At: 1 year ago

what are the difference between hycm accounts?

Hantom Says:
At: 1 year ago

the difference is the amount of spread you you to pay and a comission per trading volum. Starting from zero and so on.

Strongale Says:
At: 1 year ago

Is there any problem with order execution or withdrawal? reqoutes, spikes?

Croaker Says:
At: 1 year ago

I’ve been working with broker for several years. no problems. everything is fast and clean. i heard they have help centr, just in case