What is Swap Free Account Broker?

Swap Free Account Broker is a Broker with no Swaps Account specification, where Forex swap is a commission, rollover or interest the broker is charging to extend or hold a trader’s position overnight. This tool allows trader to open long-term positions, while the rollover fee may be either positive or negative and varies according to the current rates on a particular trading pair.

  • The traders who perform day trade and don’t want to prolong a trading deal until the next day for one or another reason can choose a Swap-free account that does not offer any adjustment to swaps on a day executed orders.
  • Recently, many traders choosing this type of account, primarily traders following Muslim belief, due to the Shariah law requirement they are not allowed to use long-term trading. For this reason quite many of the leading brokerage companies offering Swap free Accounts, however we recommend to choose only among strictly regulated forex brokers for money safety and transparency.

💰 Rollover/ Swap No
📊 Spreads Standard as offered by Broker
📈 Trading Instruments All, as offered by Broker
💻 Trading Platform MT4, MT5, cTrader, Proprietary platforms

Best Swap Free Trading Brokers

There are many leading Brokers offering Swap Free accounts, here we select only the best one in category.

What for is Swap Free Account?

Swap Free account is useful for some strategies that do not want to hold positions overnight or is essential for Islamic traders that follow Sharia rules and can not earn interest.

What are the best Swap Free Forex Accounts?

The best Swap Free Forex Account should be provided by the reputable and regulated broker as first, then check full trading conditions to find your match.

Swap Free Brokers USA

Forex Brokers in USA who offer Swap Free accounts are not many, we reccomend to check OANDA.